Brittany Petronella, photographer.

Brittany Petronella, photographer.

The Single: $100

A single person illustrated on a solid-colored background. What will the subject be doing? Wearing? If you have a preference, let me know!

 Jamiya plays his keyboard in his black & white apartment.

Jamiya plays his keyboard in his black & white apartment.

The Single Plus: $150

The Plus option puts the Single in a scene, or detailed background consisting of other objects.


Courtney & Matt.

Couple Portait: $150

A couple (2 people) is the focus in this choice; a solid color will be the backdrop.


Jenna & Steven on their wedding day

Couple Portrait Plus: $200

A couple is the focus of a detailed illustration in a beautiful scene, depicting a special moment in their lives together. Popular choices include the couple on their wedding day, or in their new home, or out on vacation.


Lion, tiger, bear, and Anna (just for fun)

The Group: $200

Three people (or pets) are depicted on a solid-colored background. (Add $15 per additional person.) We can get fun with the poses or interactions between them.

 Spooky Squad.

Spooky Squad.

The Group Plus: $250

Three people illustrated in a scene or detailed background. (Add $15 per additional person.) Were you on a trip together? In front of a historic landmark? At an event or birthday party? Let’s re-create it.


How to get your perfect commission:

  1. Provide visual references. Email me photos of your subject(s). If you want a specific hairstyle, outfit, or accessories, send me visuals and describe exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re choosing a Plus package, be sure to describe the location and vibe of the setting. Sending me photos is pretty much necessary; written descriptions help, too. We could even hop on a quick phone call if you prefer talking out your requests as opposed to writing.

  2. Establish a timeline. When do you want/need the printed commission? Let’s work backwards from the date you’ll physically get the print. Typically, I’ll send you a pencil sketch of the commission within a week after beginning the project (step 1 above). Based on your feedback, it can take another week or two to complete the final illustration. Once the final commission is approved, consider up to a week’s turnaround time for printing and delivery. It’s best to contact me at least 2 weeks from the final date needed; even earlier is better.

  3. Think about framing and presentation. It’s best to frame artwork right away so it doesn’t end up forgotten about over time in a drawer. Select a frame that you think would be most appropriate for the occasion (whether for yourself in your space or as a gift). This will determine the paper size for printing. I typically print at 5x7” or 8x10” for standard frame sizes. Standard printing is included, but if you want a high quality giclee print (archival ink on cotton rag paper) that’s an additional fee (at least $50). Some artwork should really use a giclee print so the colors come out just right; we can discuss this further.

  4. Payment. I require 50% up front of the total cost to begin the project. This is non-refundable. I will only release the final files to you and the printer once I have received payment in full. I’m able to receive payments via PayPal, Venmo, and the Cash app, or I can email you an invoice* to pay by credit card. (*Note that invoicing will automatically incur a NY sales tax fee of 8.875%.)

  5. Enjoy! You’ll receive a digital file of the illustration in addition to the physical print of the artwork. Share your commission on social media. Get mad props. Be known as the best gift-giver ever. Or just think about how cool it is that you commissioned a truly unique artwork. Go you!