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Anna Lustberg’s blog shares the thoughts of a twenty-something trying to “make it” in NYC. Posts are often sharing memories and motivation for the creation of a drawing, project, or series of works.

The Debut of My Greeting Cards

I resisted making them for so long. Many people who’d see my work would immediately tell me, “Oh, you should make greeting cards!” but I wasn’t actually inspired to, even if my style lent well to the product. I felt that I didn’t have any great ideas for them, or at least ones that would be more ‘universal’. I wanted my cards to work for “anyone” – whatever that means.

Starting an Etsy shop less than a year ago was an opportunity to try out selling my work in a huge marketplace with tons of competition. In a way, I am forced to put more products with my artwork out there, not just prints — and in turn, I am challenged to work on new projects and learn more about my customers from the items with the most interest and sales.

And with that, I’ve tried something new for me. This debut series of greeting cards, which I titled LOVEYOU x Anna Lustberg, is playful and plays up its contrast from your typical mushy Valentines Day cards. We’ve all seen and heard “Be mine”, XOXO, Cupid’s arrow, chocolates, and pretty flowers. Honestly, I like all of that stuff – gimme all the mushiness! My boyfriend and I embrace that! But this series is for someone who wants something different. One card outright curses and tells the person they love they’re fucking crazy. Another bears a skull and crossbones with heart-shaped eye sockets that tells its recipient that they’re “No Typical Valentine”. Yet another card quotes Sade’s timeless song: “This is no ordinary love”, in a mysterious scene with a dark-toned color palette that’s generally unseen among Valentines and love-themed cards.

Being in love with my wonderful Jamiya, who took these beautiful pictures of the cards, inspired me for sure. Yet ultimately, the feeling of your love and/or connection with someone being unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced is what I truly aspired to with this series. This is no ordinary love, so…

These are no ordinary Valentines.

LOVE YOU! xo, Anna