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Anna Lustberg’s blog shares the thoughts of a twenty-something trying to “make it” in NYC. Posts are often sharing memories and motivation for the creation of a drawing, project, or series of works.

The NEW Art Women

My main focus as of late has been creating artwork for my upcoming solo exhibition, but day in and day out, I’m continuing to draw personal stuff, too. I think I do it to keep myself sane — but also, why not act when inspiration strikes?

Back in March, I released my first Art Woman illustration that I sold on a t-shirt design through Everpress for their International Women’s Day campaign. For a limited time, my Art Woman shirt was available for pre-order and, with a minimum of 5 sales, Everpress printed and shipped the tees out. It did well and was a great opportunity to test the interest in t-shirts with my work on it.

It was actually the first step in what I already knew I was going to do this year: release more of my artwork on t-shirts. It’s come to my realization that not everyone buys art — whether it’s just not everyone’s cup of tea, or they’re a minimalist or whatever — so shirts are another way for folks to support an artist they like and even sort of promote as they wear it. Something created by a local artist is an attractive fashion statement.

First, I found myself drawing three new Art Women; each different, but all clearly part of the same series as the original one. I posted all four Art Women on Instagram and got great positive feedback (“Excellent series!”) so I knew I had to do more Art Women shirts.

Art Women

Next, I asked my Instagram followers to vote on their favorite and which should be the next Art Woman to go on a t-shirt.

The response was awesome! It felt so good to see everyone I asked give their input and vote for 1, 2, or 3.

In the end, I got mostly 1’s, but it was closely followed by 2 and then 3. It was so cool to see who each person voted for; some offered their thoughts on why, though many just chose. Even more responses were that it was so hard to choose, or to do “all of them”. Man, that was fun. Talk about #engagement! It’s the best!

The winner! Art Woman choice #1

The winner! Art Woman choice #1

The new Art Woman shirt, above, came in the mail this week and I did a photo shoot today with my wonderful photographer boyfriend love hubba hubba Jamiya. He even modeled one of my shirts for me! I’ll be putting them all up on the shop within THIS WEEK. Each shirt, I’ve decided, will also come with a free print (why not? Two gifts in one!). I can’t wait for you to see how they came out!

xo, Anna

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