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Anna Lustberg’s blog shares the thoughts of a twenty-something trying to “make it” in NYC. Posts are often sharing memories and motivation for the creation of a drawing, project, or series of works.

Challenges Facing my Upcoming Solo Exhibition

I booked the exhibition space I always wanted.
I got a beautiful new desk & workspace.
The exhibition is 4 months away…
and I haven’t started drawing yet.

Having Trouble Starting

I’m beyond excited about my upcoming self-funded solo exhibition in New York. It’s an important step in my career, and an experience in which I aim to connect with people I’ve always wanted to work with: art & creative directors, business owners, publishers and more. In addition to putting my own artwork out there, I want to host an event that week that includes other artists to provide a space for more ideas and relationship-building. The trouble with me starting a massive task like this is that I can get a bit paralyzed. There’s SO much to draw — even before logistics, installation and event planning — and while I’ve taken extensive notes and have concrete ideas of what I’m going to include in the show, I haven’t been able to actually start.

In order to get the ball rolling, I bought a new desk and set up a new workspace in my apartment that’s totally bigger, better, and more fit to tackle my workload. But the tiny cramped desk I had for so long and huge feeling of overwhelm isn’t just it — the main obstacle is time.

This morning, I wrote a long email to my main freelance client about this exhibition. For those who may not know, I’m a freelance graphic designer and I take on lots of various projects throughout the year (though it’s ALWAYS a struggle to make time for it and meet deadlines outside of my main job at an art gallery). I informed my client today that I’m going to have to stop taking on work, though Lord knows I need the money, but that I need to prioritize my show. Any freelance and commission requests will have to be on hold until afterwards so that my time and energy can be devoted to this exhibition. One project at a time.

With freelancing off my plate and a new desk setup I’m very excited about, I’m hoping that I’ll REALLY get it all going on my next day off. I just need to kick that huge feeling of overwhelm’s ARSE.

The Exhibition: So, What is It?

The title is *drumroll*….

What’s Mine is Yours: Illustrated Memories by Anna Lustberg
September 3—9, 2019 @ 2 Rivington Street, NYC
Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 4th @ 6-9pm

I suppose this blog post is the official announcement. Yay! *confetti sprays*… *gulp* I’ll be presenting illustrations of memories from throughout my life: some quite personal, some familial, and from all different points spanning from recent times to before I was born. A memory that became mine, for instance, was the meeting of my grandparents as their love story began — and so it will be a part of my exhibition, as their story is also mine to tell. While my usual drawn vignettes and musings about the everyday are lighthearted and fun, this show will depict some more real, heavy, impactful moments in my life; ones that normally aren’t shared on social media. I want the show to be unforgettable and last beyond the space, giving the viewer a reflective pause, just as I’ve experienced when learning personal stories of others. At the end of the day, we can all share, relate, and empathize in our life experiences — especially those that were heartbreaking or felt hopeless. Everyone’s gone through things. What’s mine is yours — I’m putting my memories out there for you, so we can understand each other more, and so they can become yours, too.

Attending the Show!

My show will be free and open to the public, though I will require registration for any events taking place throughout the week. Please, mark it in your calendars now: September 3-9, 2019, with an Opening Reception on September 4th from 6-9pm. If you’d like to receive an invitation, please sign up to be a VIP (form to the right and throughout my website) — and be sure to share it with your network. If you’re here reading this, I appreciate you and your interest in what I’m doing; it means the world to me, and I won’t let you down.

Now, to get to drawing…