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Anna Lustberg’s blog shares the thoughts of a twenty-something trying to “make it” in NYC. Posts are often sharing memories and motivation for the creation of a drawing, project, or series of works.

New Year, new Me.

New Year, New Me. This isn’t some BS statement to flex for the internet. It really applies to me and where I’m at as 2019 rolls in. There are a handful of new things going on in my world – big and small – so hear me out.

  1. The children’s book I spent the majority of my spare time working on all of last year is finally complete, published and set for release in February. I’m so grateful to have worked on Joyner and Magical’s Big Dreams (the #BigDreamsBook) with author Seymone Kelly. The publication of this beautiful, inspiring book will officially make me a children’s book illustrator. It’s the first, but certainly not the last! I’m proud of myself for this accomplishment – one that’s both personal and professional.

  2. I got a new job. For the past two-plus years, I worked at a large, very busy contemporary art gallery. It was an amazing experience where I was truly able to grow, be constantly inspired by fine artists, and work with some extraordinary people who I learned from. However, the workload and schedule was intense; more and more, I felt drained and frustrated as I wanted to spend more hours of my week devoted to my own artwork. At the year’s end, I gave my notice and got a new job, also at an art gallery, but with part-time hours and a less demanding workload. I needed this change as I continue to pursue my own artistic career. Onward!

  3. I got a crockpot-pressure cooker from my boyfriend for Christmas, so this means more cooking and new recipes! Yay!

  4. This year, I’m having my first-ever solo exhibition. The space is paid for and reserved, so it’s happening. I’ll be sharing details in coming months, of course, but the goal is to propel my career. The exhibition will serve as an introduction of me and my work, to put me on the map and connect me with those I want to collaborate with. I am beyond excited and nervous and scared, but it’s a push I need. Shoutout to Jamiya, my love and a fellow artist, for encouraging and inspiring me to do this.

All in all, I’m doing things differently this year. With more time to focus on producing artwork for clients or my online shop and preparing for my exhibition, I’m going to have to move differently by being more organized and efficient. More to-do lists, more planning, and taking care to ensure my time is well-spent and conducive to my goals. I’ll be turning thirty years old this August, and my exhibition soon follows; I definitely feel like I’m changing for the better as I look more toward the future.

Of course, I’ll remember to enjoy the present – I’m a naturally positive person and I always do! Not only do I feel more confident than I ever have, but I feel well-equipped to pursue ALL of the new things in my life because I have such a loving and reliable support system. My family, friends, and amazing boyfriend all believe in me and encourage me. With them close to my heart, how can I not feel like I can pursue any of my dreams?