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Anna Lustberg’s blog shares the thoughts of a twenty-something trying to “make it” in NYC. Posts are often sharing memories and motivation for the creation of a drawing, project, or series of works.

International Women's Day T-Shirt Campaign

The first time my art’s on a shirt!

I’m so excited to have begun selling t-shirts with my illustrations on them. I couldn’t help but think, “Why did it take me this long?” I know plenty of people who don’t just want to buy prints and decorate their homes. Where I come from (Teaneck, NJ) especially, fashion is everything. What better way to get my artwork out there than have people WEAR it? Interestingly enough, I’ve been designing t-shirts for years, but it’s never been with my work. I can’t wait to release more shirts featuring my art as a fashion statement.

The challenge of selling FIVE.

For my first t-shirt, I chose Everpress because I wanted to be a part of the curated International Womxn’s Day collection that they’re featuring on their website this month. What Everpress does is have you run a campaign (a t-shirt design) to sell at least 5 preorders; if by the end of your campaign you don’t sell 5, they refund the preorder to each customer. That would be a bummer, though… I’m just hoping I get to 5 so that the shirt can go into production. As of today, I’ve still got 3 preorders to go in order for the shirt to go into production, but there’s only a few weeks until March 30th. FINGERS CROSSED; please support and share if you know anyone who might like it!

Art Woman

“Art Woman” is an illustration I completed in 2017 that was inspired by a visit to an art fair. I viewed several artworks for sale in various booths that featured a woman in this pose. In each representation, she is always sitting in a curled or hunched position, appearing peaceful, and painted beside still life objects. I found it fascinating that this particular rendition of a woman was done by totally different artists in different countries and time periods, yet I saw it over and over. So I created my own. I thought that “Art Woman” would be appealing for the International Womxn’s Day t-shirt design because of the femininity and beauty of the illustration.

My “Art Woman” t-shirt for sale on Everpress.

Going forward

Whether or not this International Womxn’s Day campaign on Everpress succeeds, I’m going to be putting more of my artwork on t-shirts in the very near future. This month, I’m designing and ordering my first batch of limited edition shirts; next month, I’m photographing the shirts on models (my friends!) and putting them up in my shop. This new venture has me pumped up and inspired! I hope you’ll enjoy the ride with me and make an Artful fashion statement wearing artwork by Anna. ;)

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