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Anna Lustberg’s blog shares the thoughts of a twenty-something trying to “make it” in NYC. Posts are often sharing memories and motivation for the creation of a drawing, project, or series of works.

Update: #BigDreamsBook

#musings #update // well, I’m still working on drawing Joyner and Magical’s Big Dreams, or the #BigDreamsBook, written by Seymone Kelly. I've devoted most of my free time to working on it since I began this summer – literally all day every Sunday, and before + after work the rest of the week – and I'm STILL not as close to finished as I'd thought I'd be at this point. It's a bit frustrating for me to give so much and not yet be where I want to be, or even where the author may have hoped I'd be by now. Working on these 34 illustrations has proven to be my biggest project and challenge yet, and it still isn't over! Lots of ideas for future projects have been coming to me as I work on this, but they've got to be on hold until I can present the final illustrations to Seymone and send the book to the printer. I feel fatigued at times, and I didn't get as much fun in the sun as most people this summer, but I know the end result will be something I'm proud of. I'm grateful to get to work on this and am SO excited to hold the book in print one day so soon. This labor of love is going toward something tangible and meaningful, and it will be the achievement of one of my long-time goals. It’s not called the #BigDreamsBook for nothin’! ✨✨✨

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