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Anna Lustberg’s blog shares the thoughts of a twenty-something trying to “make it” in NYC. Posts are often sharing memories and motivation for the creation of a drawing, project, or series of works.



Anna Draws Everyday started as a daily drawing challenge in 2015 to get myself drawing again. Now, 2 years later (granted, with some ups & downs), I can comfortably say I've accomplished that & am ready to move on to the next phase. Instead of rushing through a daily drawing, I'll be focused on producing my coloring book over the next month to release it for the holiday season. I also want to take more time to work on each piece & further develop my ideas for a series. To keep it real, my lifestyle doesn't allow for me to draw every single day; I work a full-time job & was just promoted to Assistant Director. I'm lucky to be surrounded by artists who inspire me in the work I do at an art gallery & just by living in this city. Let's continue to connect & grow together. Thank you for your support, whether that be likes, advice, or suggestions - to me, it's all encouragement that I appreciate. Cheers to moving forward.

Updated in digital color, this was the FIRST drawing I did when I started my drawing a day challenge: 'The Time Traveler's Wife', 12/29/2015.

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