Cozy red sweater

Need a cozy red for sweater weather. 🎯

#AnnaDrawsxColors ~ I’m going to start focusing on a color theme to get my drawings or doodles done. I think it will make for a more attractive Instagram feed and, later, can become a cool collage or illustration merging all those like colors. Let’s see how it goes! :)

Jenna + Steven

🌤 Jenna + Steven got married 2 years ago on September 18th in the Hudson Valley. There had been an imminent threat of rain, but just as the ceremony began, the sun broke out into the sky! It was just a beautiful ceremony + celebration. Special for me to be there as a guest that day + now to have illustrated this commission by Steven as a surprise anniversary gift for Jenna. Happy Anniversary!🥂
#BeautifulCoupleAlert #ILoveCommissions #IDo
If you’re thinking getting about a commission, send me a DM or email me. Yes, I do draw animals as well. I’d love to draw you + your dog. 💕