So today I created this collage. It was messy & didn't come out the way I wanted since I had to use modge podge, but I'm ok with that. The messiness is relevant to my life right now & what the collage is expressing anyway: wanting More, from myself & others, from life.. Feeling pressure, but not grasping the control or 'life' I want to have. A lot of white paper was used because it's winter, & I'm surrounded by snow, & it's freezing & depressing. We all go through it - the down times - like I've been feeling, & like the girl I drew who just pulls her hair 'cause she doesn't know what else to do right then. But it's all about coping, dealing with it, & turning the hard times into learning experiences. This collage was fun & therapeutic, even if not that beautiful. That's cool with me. ✌️